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9 Months of Style- Fashions for the Mom-to-Be

The joyous news arrives- you’re expecting! Reality sets in- you’re nauseated, annoyed, bloated, cramped, uncomfortable sitting/standing anywhere and can’t zip your pants! Of all the ups and downs of a pregnancy, finding something comfortable, stylish and budget friendly should be easy right?  Read on for an easy guide and suggestions for what to wear and when to buy it!

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, you undoubtedly have many questions as far as when to buy maternity clothes, what type of maternity clothes to buy and how to find your maternity style that is comfortable, yet chic.Many expecting moms aren’t showing yet in their first trimester, but find their pre-pregnancy clothes may become tight around the mid-section. Many pregnant women find they can continue wearing their pre-pregnancy tops and dresses throughout their first trimester. If you feel like you are starting to show, yet are not ready to tell people you may want to avoid wearing form fitting tops. Layer a cardigan or blazer over a cami to help conceal your tummy. A long scarf is another trick that helps hide a growing baby bump.


Do continue to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes throughout your first trimester if they are comfortable.

Don’t squeeze into an uncomfortable and tight bra. Many women will find their breast size increases at least one cup size. Once your pre-pregnancy bra starts to feel tight, it is time for a new one. Click here for a great selection!

Do wear peasant and blouson airy tops. The bohemian look is hot right now – perfect for disguising your baby bump!

Don’t buy a bunch of maternity clothes. Wait until your second trimester when you know how your body will change.

Do buy maxi dresses and wrap dresses for a chic look that often can be worn throughout your entire pregnancy.

Don’t wear oversized clothes that completely hide your shape and actually make you appear bigger!

Don’t be afraid of belts. Layer a belt with tunic tops or longer blouson tops for a chic look.

Do layer a blazer or cardigan over a top to disguise your baby bump when you aren’t quite ready to tell.

Your baby bump is showing, morning sickness has (pretty much) subsided and you are ready to flaunt your new curves in your second trimester of pregnancy. This is the time you may need to start purchasing maternity clothing and when things can get tricky. From personal experience, a well fitted bra and jersey knit are sanity savers!

Splurge on basics, skimp on trends: Splurge on well-made solid tees, jeans, a fabulous wrap dress, maternity bra and a basic working suit (blazers, pants/skirt) if working. Shop bargain stores for trendy tops and dresses.

Don’t just buy oversized clothes: Clothes that are too big will only make you look big, not like the beautiful pregnant mama that you are. Look for clothes that gently hug your growing bump or dresses with a gathered hem below your belly.

Dress for comfort and style: Look for clothes with pregnancy-friendly fabric that stretches with your changing shape. Look for dresses and tops with ultra-soft jersey material and jeans with stretchable denim. You can’t go wrong with an empire-waist maxi dress (remember how beautiful Angelina Jolie looked?) or a long skirt with a stretchy waistband and a bump-hugging wrap shirt.

For working moms-to-be, dresses are professional, comfortable and save you the hassle of matching pants and tops. Maxi dresses, wrap dresses and sweater dresses look great paired with boots, nude colored heels or flats. Motherhood Maternity has a great selection of dresses for a great price. Ann Taylor Loft Maternity is another store with a great selection for working moms.

Jersey knit top from Gap Maternity, 2. 7 for All Mankind stretchy jeans at A Pea In the Pod, 3. Wrap top from Isabella Oliver, 4. Wrap dress from A Pea In the Pod, 5. Bra from Bella Materna.

Great shops for maternity gear:

For working wear try Nordstrom or A Pea In the Pod

For everyday casuals try Gap Maternity, Liz Lange for Target and  Bump Maternity in Bellevue.

For intimates, nursing wear and sleepwear try Bella Materna.

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  1. Congratulations on the new arrival. I am sure you are aware of the healthy choices offered by the eco sane, green, sustainable designers and fair trade importers (question everything, do the research). After the American Academy of Pediatrics Council finally broke through the media via Time Magazine about lower IQs linked to pesticides I am hoping the reality hit will begin to manifest in leaps. Clothing from sweat shops, using fibers (mono cropped cotton, some bamboo, synthetics based on petro chemicals etc) and dyes full of toxic residue can’t be good for anything but massive “sales to waste” systems that are patterned on cancers. Insanity posed as “the way it is,” will not a good future make. So in the interest of sane, healthy futures fo all please look into what your child comes into contact with, allergies and asthma are not normal, despite the high rates of incidence.

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