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It’s EASY to Clean and Be Green!

I have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. Anyone with young children can only imagine the type of mess they can make while they eat. Yogurt will cover the table, the chairs, and the floor. Yogurt finds places that seem absolutely impossible only to be discovered when it has been hardened and caked and virtually impossible to remove.

I would use all sorts of chemicals trying to remove these dried food spills and only feel half satisfied as it would take a lot of grunting and elbow grease and nail picking to remove some stains. Then I happened to turn cleaning products around and look at the ingredients. What the heck does all this mean?

Now, these certain chemicals and products (that shall not be named) are used for all purpose counter tops, but they are not chemicals you can ingest safely. Yet — we are putting them on our eating surface? I started to feel very uncomfortable with this and started researching more natural and green house cleaning methods.

I was growing incredibly frustrated with my research as I was not finding anything TOUGH enough to really help me clean the surfaces the way they should. The glass table that we eat at still was not perfectly spotless. I thought many times of just tossing the table to the front yard and letting someone else deal with the mess.

Then I met Claire, who introduced me to this wonderful new product called Norwex. Immediately she sent me the following products:

Blue Enviro Cloth - This multipurpose microfiber Enviro Cloth removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces. Available in four colors allowing you to color-code for different purposes or rooms.Use it dry for dusting, or damp for cleaning walls, tiles, bathtubs, counters, metal surfaces, car interiors, etc. Between laundering, simply rinse, wring out and hang to dry.

Window Cloth - The Window Cloth allows you to clean windows, mirrors, jewelry, and shiny surfaces with water alone. Clean dirty surface first with a moist Enviro Cloth, then polish with the Window Cloth for a streak-free shine. On less dirty surfaces, simply spray water on the surface and polish with the dry Window Cloth.

Hand Towel Antibac - The NEW Norwex Antibacterial Hand Towel, a great companion to our wonderful Bath Towel! Dries fast with incredible absorption.

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent - Ultra Power Plus is a highly concentrated, superior stain removing powder that is biodegradable and contains no fillers. It cuts through grease and grime, leaving clothes soft and fluffy. Whites are whiter and colors are brighter. Safe on all types of fabric. Works in all water temperatures. Washes up to 40 loads. When used with the Norwex Magnet Ball, washes up to 70 loads. Comes in a convenient resealable bag.


When I review a product that comes with performance and longevity claims, I like to really take my time and use and abuse the product — just to make sure. After all, I really need to believe in the products that I recommend.

The first product that I tried was the Enviro Cloth. On the surface, these cloths like ordinary microfiber towels but they are so much more. They are actually infused with silver which helps to suffocate bacteria and viruses leaving a clean surface with OUT the chemicals.

(E) Ecoli swabbed on the counter. (F) was the counter after the ecoli was wiped off with a Norwex cloth.

One of Claire’s neighbors did a scientific experiment in which they swiped their counter with ecoli and then did swab tests to measure the amount of ecoli left after varying cleaning methods including wiping with a plain cotton cloth, spraying with 409 and then wiping with clean cotton cloth, and then simply with the Norwex Enviro Cloth. You can check out Claire’s Norwex Facebook Fanpage to see the entire experiment.

I was deeply disgusted that the 409 looked to make the problem worse. Millions rely on products like 409 to sanitize and clean their counters but yet the ecoli was still there in such an incredible amount? Disgusting.

The Norwex cloth, on the other hand, did the best job of cleaning the counter top from the bacteria and with out any chemicals! Cleaning the Norwex cloths are easy too — just pop in the wash on HOT and voila. You don’t even need to “wash” them. Simple HOT water will do! I LOVE that and am amazed that a product can virtually self clean itself.

The first surface I attempted to clean with my Norwex Enviro Cloth was the dining room glass table that Carli likes to decorate with yogurt every single morning. I wet the cloth with warm water and rung out any excess water. I wiped it over the glass counter and was amazed that all this yogurt mess came up with ease (no grunting involved.) It was seriously easy.

Then, because I was cleaning glass, I used the window cloth to dry and polish the tabletop. I was amazed that it took away any streaks or handprints and the table looked the way it should — and all this without chemicals! I immediately wiped my french doors, as they are leading off from the dining room onto the porch and Carli finds her dirty fingers to the door, too! They wiped clean. So simple.

The next product I tried was the body cloth. I was wondering how it would feel against my skin. The moment it was wet, however, it slid over my skin as if I was washing with silk. For such a “soft” rub, I was amazed at how well of a job the body cloth did at exfoliating my skin without any irritation whatsoever — or soap! Now, I have Florida feet. I wear flip flops or sandals year round so my heels can be a little rough. However with just a minute or two of using the body cloth, my feet were feeling soft again.

The laundry detergent that I was sent required very little to effectively clean your clothing. With just a few tablespoons, the load of laundry was soft and fresh with no lingering laundry detergent smell. For those with sensitive skin, it is important that the detergent be washed away completely and we had absolutely no issues with our laundry detergent from Norwex. If you have an High Efficiency (HE) washer, then you may need as little as a TEASPOON. It lasts such a long time because so little is needed to do its job.

Multiple colors for multiple rooms!


I am amazed at all the different products that are available from Norwex. You can clean your entire household with Norwex products!

  • Microfiber Cloths All your cloth needs can be found here. There are cloths made for windows, a travel pack for on-the-go, dusting, and removing lint.
  • Floor Systems If you are like me, hard floors can be a pain in the but to keep clean. I absolutely loathe mopping and the products used to clean floors from well-known companies involve chemicals that cause cancer! Not Norwex though – their floor system products are simple, easy, and green! NO chemicals needed! (Though, personally — I love using tea tree oil just for the wonderful tea tree smell!) But like I said before, nothing but water is needed!
  • Kitchen Cleaning – The towels look so unbelievably soft and I love the fact that they they come with Norwex’s Antibac technology. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cleaning (although it doesn’t look it) and every possible kitchen need I have, Norwex has a product made especially for it!
  • Home Essentials — Car wash, laundry, carpet cleaners and more! So many fun products that I can not wait to try.
  • Kids – Norwex even offers a kid sized floor cleaning system. Carli hates the vacuum, but she loves to help clean in any way that she can. A kid sized floor cleaning system form Norwex would be sure to continue encouraging good cleaning habits in children. Also offered are antibac bath towels and a natural bubble bath/bath wash.
  • Personal Care – I have heard FABULOUS things about the silver-infused toothbrushes. I absolutely LOVE the idea that they self-sanitize. (Do you know any other toothbrush on the market that can claim that? I sure don’t!) I am also interested in the crystal deodorant. As our skin pours soak up what we put on our skin, normal deodorant has begun to worry me. All those man-made chemicals soaking into our skin? However the Norwex Crystal Deodorant is made with mineral salts.
  • Bath and Body Care – A scrub for your pets, towels for your hair, and lotions and body washes for your every need.


Every product from Norwex has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If the products are not up to your expectations and approval you can simply return the product within 60 days of your purchase date for a refund. (Though I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed!)

I also forgot to mention that the cloths have a TWO year warranty. Norwex products are worth the investment and your household and home will thank you.



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  1. I need these kinds of cleaning cloths especially for my kitchen. It can get kinda messy when I cook!

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