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Stumbling Saturday: Best Finds for Writers of Week 5/28

Because of StumbleUpon, I have found some great sites. The sites that I am focusing on this week are websites geared towards helping authors/writers. I have found a LOT of great sites that give amazing writing tips and I just had to share! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Stumble Upon Loves Writers

  1. – The Writing Bisz supplies some great tips. The first article that I saw was about creating believable characters and I definitely think that it’s great advice that many can benefit from. I liked the idea that they gave in spending time with your character; writing a short biography. The more you know your character, the more they come to life.
  2. – Not only does Writer’s Digest give you writing prompts but you can post your practice responses in the forum. I had no idea that this community even existed. The first one I see currently is about pretending a loved one has passed and writing about them. I guess writing a eulogy. Call me superstitious but I refuse to participate in something like that. Just makes me too sad to think about it. It also reminds me of that one episode on Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray writes his Father’s eulogy. Yes, Ray was a writer and he was simply writing it for inspiration, I guess. It must work.  If that writing prompt is too morbid for you, there are many others.
  3. I admit, I had to go “huh?” on a few of these tips but honestly, a lot of them are just common sense. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t understand a lick of grammar. I think this article will at least clue a few of those people in.
  4. Are you suffering from a horrible case of writers block? Not inspired but desperately want to write? I LOVE this website and their suggestions for writers. You don’t necessarily need to WRITE to practice writing. (Yes, you heard me right!) Just check it out and be inspired.
  5. If you decide to go the Indie route and self publish, you’re going to want to invest in a professional cover designer. (Personally, I am sick of all those crappy covers I see out there!) This website showcases book covers and the designers that designed them. Not only is it nice knowing who does the covers but just seeing book covers always seems to inspire me a little bit. How about you?
  6. This website has an extensive list of articles geared specifically towards authors and illustrators who wish to get into the children’s book market; the common mistakes, pitfalls, and how to stand out.
  7. I laughed. Wonderfully written tips for writing well.
  8. This blogger-Dad is just funny but he sure knows what he is talking about!
  9. Shh! Don’t tell anyone about these 8 writing secrets!
  10. — I like the “use self-imposed word limits” one. When you know you can only use so many words, you really begin to think about which words are most important and which words are pointless and can be discarded. This site had a ton of other great tips that are worth checking out.

Those are some of my favorite finds this week. What were yours?

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