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My Name is Allison and I am an Extended Breastfeeder. So What?

Katelyn, 22 months.

Nope, not going to be ashamed.

Not of breastfeeding my 2 year old, at least. I mean, why should I?

Time Magazine has posted a picture of a supermodel looking woman breastfeeding her 3 year old. While I am a bit turned off by the fact that Time did this for shock value and sales, I am more turned off by the comments on the site. Are people really that clueless?

God gave me these breasts for a purpose. When I had my children, my body made exactly what they needed. It is what they are intended for, what they were made for, and with no other true purpose. They were not designed to be showcased on a magazine, or gawked at on tv.

They were made for this. For my children.

It’s not gross or “nasty” and I definitely should not be ashamed of myself. In fact, I feel empowered. I am doing this!

For many months Kate grew and thrived on my breast alone. Prior to the breast, she spent 9 months developing within my body. My body was the source of growth, development, and comfort. And even so, after she was born, my role was not over. My body’s design was meant to continue helping my daughter thrive and grow and it was my job, as a mother, to afford her that right. It didn’t matter how often I had to nurse, or that it hurt in the beginning, or the countless times I’ve had clogged ducts. What mattered was her and the importance my milk was and is for her.

What I do find “gross” and “nasty” is society’s (mainly America) view on breastfeeding and their lack of understanding of the nutritional and emotional aspects of nursing your baby, rather than formula feeding them. But the disadvantages of formula feeding is the least of my concerns. I do, though, feel the need to educate on the matter of extended breastfeeding.

For information on extended breastfeeding please check out:

I want Mother’s to feel empowered. Feel empowered by your choices, knowing that you have all the facts (and that you truly understand them), and you are making the best choice for your baby (first and foremost), and then for you and your family.

Breastfeeding is recommended for at least 1 year, and longer if needed. There is no time limit put on breastfeeding, except by the ignorant and what is the benefit of letting ignorance rule our choices?

In many other countries extended breastfeeding is incredibly common. While it is true that as a first world country we have access to clean water, but why continue on past 1 year supplementing with artificial milk or cow’s breast milk. Not only are you paying for something that is artificial but drinking breastmilk from a cow is, instead, recommended? What could be more perfect than the milk from a mother’s breast, that was made for a human child?

Look at the numbers in the table that UNICEF had supplied for us. It’s not abnormal .. at all. Why should it be treated as such?

Yesterday I posted the above photo and while many liked, commented, and supported — there was one who wore her ignorance on her sleeve and posted an incredibly nasty comment. (I’ll let you read for yourself, but you may want to expand the image.)


Soon after Rosa (who is pregnant and has two other children) posted this, she unfriended me and blocked me (as show on the image.) Did not even give me the time to respond (which to me is a form of cowardliness.) No matter how many times I told her my child eats, she insisted I was starving her.

But we know Kate’s food issues, and her diet is limited to some fruits (in various forms), Corn Chex, Kix, and breastmilk. If you look at the picture above, you can see that she clearly is not starving. While her diet is different, so is she, and my breastmilk is helping to provide safe proteins and fats for her until she outgrows her food protein intolerances.

Rosa knew that and still she felt the need to make it look as if I was a horrible mother for still breastfeeding my child (who does have special food needs). I can’t just get over how another mother is that clueless about the natural way to feed a young child.

But, I am not going to let her get to me. She didn’t get to me. I posted the picture on Facebook, and I am posting this picture on my blog because I am an extended breastfeeder. I know the benefits and I listen to my child’s physical and emotional needs. So what? I will not be bullied into being ashamed. No nursing mother should.

Isaiah 66:10-13

“Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice with her in joy, all you who mourn over her; that you may nurse and be satisfied from her consoling breast; that you may drink deeply with delight from her glorious abundance.” For thus says the Lord: “Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream; and you shall nurse, you shall be carried upon her hip, and bounced upon her knees. As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem..

BabyBond Nursing Cover *Giveaway* (10/30)


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Product Description

BabyBond Original is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Wear with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above and below. Mom’s postnatal belly and back remain covered with her own shirt.

Built-in 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Rolls up compact and stores in matching pouch. Machine washable. 100% cotton. Made in USA.

This nursing cover is pretty awesome (yes, awesome!) For one, it is incredibly chic and stylish. It gives you a sense of modest coverage without being flashy. Just by going to the website,, you can see just how up to date the company is. The box that the nursing cover comes in has a cool damask print. Damask just happens to be one of my favorite patterns (which you can see via my web twitter background). It’s classy and elegant and there is nothing not to love about damask. When I see companies use damask in their product publicity, I immediately think that they are timeless.

Once you take the cover out of the box, it is neatly rolled in its own carrying case made of the same material, a very soft high quality knit. I can’t explain it, but the fabric is extremely soft and stretchy. It kind of reminds me of a bamboo knit.  After I took the the cover out of the box that it came in, I immediately rolled it back up to see if I could put it back in its carrying case. I could!

That was the problem with my Moby Wrap. Once I took it out of its case, I could no longer put it back in the carrying case. What is the point in even supplying something to carry it in if it can not easily go back into it? We do not have that problem with the Baby Bond Nursing Cover. I liked the fact that when you were done using the cover, it could be rolled away and neatly stored (and with such ease!). The only other nursing covers I have had experience with, have a huge metal and/or plastic hoop in it that make neatly storing it impossible. With the Baby Bond Nursing Cover, you can easily put it back as neatly as you got it out. (SCORE!)

Putting the cover on was relatively easy. It reminded me of the hotsling that I have. You know .. just kind of put it over one shoulder and voila! There is even a sewn in burp cloth. Since Katie often has reflux and sometimes spits up a little when she burps, I think this is a wonderful addition to a nursing cover. It would definitely save my clothes from getting the spit up on them. (Although it’s pretty inevitable being a mom of an infant!)

The fabric then splits in two to allow you to pull your nursing breast through them, meanwhile hiding them from public view. You do not have to wear any special nursing shirt to make using this possible. You can pull your breast out any which way that is comfortable for you, and you’ll still be hidden from the fabric covering. The fabric is very light so it shouldn’t get in the way or be bothersome to your nursing infant.

The only thing that I didn’t like is the dual-sizes. It’s XS/S and M/L and XL/XXL. I would prefer solo sizes so the fit is more snug (but that is just me!)

Rating: ★★★★☆

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If you are interested in purchasing a BabyBond Nursing Cover for yourself, you can get your very own at The covers retail at about $35.


BabyBond is offering a 75% discount on their site for any reader who orders a BabyBond on Now you will be able to buy 2 BabyBonds for less than $46!!! All you need to do is email a copy of your receipt from Babies R Us to, and she will reply with a 75% off discount code to order another BabyBond on their site with 75% off.

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Although I absolutely LOVE LOVE the product, I have no need for a cover as I have no modesty when it comes to breastfeeding my daughter. I think it would best go to someone who really feels like they need to cover up; whether they are just beginning breastfeeding and haven’t figured out how to do it tactfully yet, or they just feel the need to cover up.

I will be giving away one BabyBond Nursing Cover in size 4 (XL/XXL). The sash is a 58″ loop and is good for women who are 175lbs or more (or if your breast sizes are an E or larger!) To enter:

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GIVEAWAY ENDS: October 30th 2010

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

BEWARE: Formula Company’s “Breastfeeding Help” line(s) or Products

Book ReviewsYou’re sitting at your doctors office and he (or she) asks you the big question, “Will you be bottle feeding or breastfeeding?” You say “Breast” because, “Breast is best, right?” but you don’t know much about it. The doctor (or nurse) retracts and then comes back with a gift. You look down at this box, “A breastfeeding support kit — cool!” Then you begin to observe it. Enfamil? Aren’t they a formula company? Why would they be supporting the very thing that could put them out of business? Good question.

They’re not.

Breastfeeding Support Packs

Formula companies are deceiving you. They aren’t in support of your breastfeeding — come on! This breastfeeding support pack makes just as much sense at receiving information on a nicotine-free life from major cigarette corporations.

What they are doing you is the bait and switch. “Oh how kind of Enfamil for giving me this stuff. They must REALLY care about me and my breast feeding. I trust them. And this free sample of formula? I hadn’t planned on using it.. but I guess once wouldn’t hurt. I mean, I have to sleep one time.”

Do you see where I am going with this? They understand that the simple act of having it in one’s possession (along with misinformation) will weaken the new mother enough to use their product; to see its temporary “ease”, and switch from breast to bottle. (And believe me — as a breastfeeding Mom who used to bottle feed..  breastfeeding is SOOO much easier!) Yes it’s harder than hell at first but if you push through it (and you will) it’s just SO much easier all around.

When I had Carli in June of 2008, I didn’t know much about breastfeeding. I knew very little people who breastfed so my support system lacked incredibly. I had no one around to keep me going when I was feeling overwhelmed or lost or insecure about my breastfeeding relationship. But you know who was there for me? Enfamil & Similac and their endless formula samples. (Gag)

Overly tired and drugged up from my c-section, I let my husband give her a bottle. There wasn’t one single day in Carli’s life where she wasn’t supplemented with formula. Needless to say, we stopped breastfeeding by 2 months. Feeling endless guilt, I tried to re-lactate but found it incredibly hard and the formula samples kept coming! I vowed not to be a pawn in their marketing schemes with my next child. I would be well-informed and decline everything.

Katelyn has gone 2 months, so far, without a single taste of formula — and going strong. Boo ya, Enfamil/Similac et all.

Breastfeeding Support Lines

Abbot (aka Similac) has created a new breastfeeding support help line.  It’s another bait and switch tactic. Just imagine, a breastfeeding mother — overwhelmed and no support calls up this “support help line” because they are feeling insecure about their supply. Instead of calling a certified IBCLC, they call this Similac support help line — because it’s a name they are familiar with so “it must be trustworthy” — right?

In fact, an IBCLC I know called them up, pretending to be a mother with very basic breastfeeding issues (an insecure with supply) and you know what they told her? They mixed basic breastfeeding support with marketing their product, “Well, you’re going to want to get the baby to breast as much as possible — but you’ll also need to supplement with our formula because it sounds like the baby is not getting enough. Some Mom’s just can’t breastfeed.”


Are you SERIOUS?! Nice. REAL nice.

Do you know the actual percentage of mom’s who CAN’T breastfeed is incredibly low — like, less than 1%? And most likely, if you’re having breastfeeding difficulties, you’re NOT that 1% no matter what a doctor may tell you. If you are having (what you feel) is supply issues, see a certified IBCLC. Then, see another. Join a support group of breastfeeding Moms. Get the facts, not the false information forked over by formula companies to urge you to switch to their products.(And yes, many doctors or hospitals are financially supplemented by these formula companies to recommend their use.) If you come across ANY doctor that says that without a doubt, formula is equally as good (if not better) than breastfeeding, find a new doctor. Find one quickly.

If after seeing MULTIPLE IBCLCs and participating religiously in support groups, you are still having issues — you may in fact be that 1% but most likely you will be diagnosed with supply issues for a specific reason BY an IBCLC. They are trained specifically to help, diagnose, and treat. In very rare occasions, formula may be your last resort. But let it be that — your last resort.

But back to the issue at hand — support help lines. Do you know that these “counselors” are not certified through any breastfeeding organization? They are NOT IBCLCs (although Nestle claims thier counselors are CLCs, to which I would report them for their malpractice). So just who are you getting your “expert” information from? What dignifies them as an “expert”? A day-long training from Enfamil? Pu-lease. IBCLCs train for YEARS to understand how our breasts work and how to support a healthy breastfeeding relationship. YEARS. It’s not information you can learn in a day and no respectable, professional, IBCLC would ever work for a formula company. Case closed.

If they claim they are “certified”, ask them their intentions as breastfeeding supporters working for the very organization that is recommending formula supplementation to a “client” they have never met or observed breastfeeding. Don’t take advice from a counselor recommending formula without careful observation and documentation of your situation.

Free Samples

They are everywhere. In a normal world — free is good.  Free is fabulous — especially when the product is expensive. But in a breastfeeding world, free is dangerous (unless of course you’re receiving free stuff that is SUPPORTIVE of actual exclusive breastfeeding [whether by breastmilk in a bottle or actually to the breast.])

When I gave birth to Carli at Winnie Palmer  Hospital in Orlando, FL — the formula samples were right there. Showing me their cute little “individual” sized bottles. Oh and I got a TON when I went to Prenatal Impressions in Orlando for her 3D Ultrasound. Then I come home after having the baby, and more samples in the mail. An actual large case of it! You almost feel wasteful for throwing it out — so you use it. Bad move.

This time around when I gave birth at Altamonte Hospital (I switched after my horrible experience with Winnie Palmer) — I received not a single sample of formula. Not a coupon, or anything. I had not ONE nurse tell me I needed to supplement, but only worked with me to make sure Katelyn got the best pre-milk (MY milk) possible. It was because of their support that I was on a good start and breastfeeding exclusively today.

Book ReviewsNow — let’s talk about the ultimate free sample nightmare, Nestle. Do you know what those morally-corrupt a-holes did? Don’t worry, I didn’t know until about a month ago and since then I have boycotted Nestle and their products.

They went to a third-world country (who, by the way , breastfeed) and handed out a vast array of free formula samples claiming that it was better than their breastmilk. These mothers, wanting the very best for their children and knowing very well that being in a third world country, they lacked in general, they eagerly accepted these hand outs.

Nestle gave them just enough formula to last them until their milk went dry and they were unable to breastfeed any longer. Now the issue starts, these families can NOT afford formula. So what they would end up doing is heavily diluting their formula with bad and/or tainted water so it was mostly water. In effect, their babies were now severely malnourished and/or died. Nestle did nothing to help. But .. helping was not their issue. They just wanted to push and sell their product.

To read more about the Nestle & bad marketing crisis, read the following web-articles:

Just to name a few..

Now if these formula companies are choosing to be so deceptive in their marketing plans to get you to buy their product, what else are they not telling us?

REVIEW: Milkies, the Milk Saver.

The Milk Saver

Last week I was at Bosom Buddies, a weekly support group for breastfeeding mothers courtesy of Karen Bell, CLC of Breast is Best Lactation Services. We were discussing new products on the market that may be popular with Moms now.

That reminded me of when I saw the product Milkies while I was pregnant. My best friend (and former breastfeeder) Blair, showed them to me and I thought they were genius! Saving milk — ah hah!

Now that I am breast feeding again, when I let down — I soak myself (usually). Even six weeks in, I still leak! So I mentioned it to my lactation consultant, Karen,  and asked her if she had ever heard of it.

Karen disappeared and came back with brand new box of Milkies, the Milk Saver! Told me she had received it in the mail from the company and was waiting to give it to someone to try out. So here it was, in my hands. She was giving it to me! I was over the moon ecstatic to try it out! I really wanted to save all this milk that I was leaking.

For my next feeding I placed the milkies container into my tank. It wasn’t as well fitting as I had hoped. The top showed out of my tank so it wasn’t ENTIRELY discrete and it did not comform to my breast so you could definitely tell there was something in my tank. HOWEVER, when it came down to the job at hand (collecting milk) it was done brilliantly. I saved about 1/2 an ounce from leakage alone just by using milkies! The average mother loses about 1/2-1oz per feeding. If you are feeding 8-12 times a day like I am, that’s 4-12oz of lost milk a day! Now you can save it.

The milk saver’s storage container also acts as a stand if you need to set it up somewhere until you are able to do anything with the milk itself. It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase (especially if you’re anything like me and leak at every feeding!) This would make a great gift for a Mom who plans on breastfeeding (or is currently breastfeeding and has the same issues I do).

Your milk is liquid gold. Save every drop!

Rating: ★★★★☆