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If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment what would it be?
That very first piece of jewelry or clothing created soley for ornamental purposes by early man. The fashion seed that started it all.

When did you decide to become a designer?
Being a designer is more of a compulsion than a straight forward decision for me. It’s being spontaneously inspired by something unexpected and an idea popping into my head that I can’t resist trying. It often is the dominant thought in my mind. How can I make that design concept happen? The thing about it is that it never stops. When one is done I am always thinking about the next.

Who are your influences?
I think that I am most influenced by images that I see. They can be in real life, on television or in print. I tend to focus on the details. To give an example, I was watching an American history show and I had to stop to draw a design concept for a piece that featured my take on a bow that adorned the hat of a soldier during the Revolutionary War. I never know when something like that will happen. It strikes in strange places.

What are your dreams for your brand?
My dream for my brand is that my work with Emici Livet will be associated with quality and a passion for bringing truly unique and artful pieces to my clients. I think that everything else will fall into place after that if I work hard enough.

Which fellow designers do you admire locally?
Luly Yang. You know when something is beautiful but you have to reach out and touch it so you can believe your own eyes? The urge to pour over the details on one of her garments is perpetually renewed as you realize that the next one will be just as gorgeous. I left there thinking I had to get back and create something as my own tribute to that inspiration.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a combination of personal tastes, art and function. The function does not necessarily need to be practical. It could just be about making a statement.

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