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Just when we thought that fashion couldn’t get more daring and impudent, the recent spring trends and styles are putting that assumption to the test. The catwalks of 2016 are currently being walked all over by the newest and hottest trends. It seems the recession can’t stop these daring new looks that our favorite designers have constructed. Spring 2017 may be new to us, but these trends are hitting hard and I have a feeling they may be here to stay for quite some time. Living in a city like Seattle, all the current trends are likely to reach our streets. The question is: how risky are these looks? Seattle takes pride in itself for the individualism that comes along with our culture, but not all spring trends are as risky as others. I have accumulated a list of what’s new, what will be seen and, most importantly, what should be worn.

To emphasize the time of year, nude and beige colors are huge this season. Although color seems to be a large representation of spring and summer, beige this year is taking over with a bang. The risk factor of wearing beige colors as the main emphasis of your ensemble is about a 4 out of 10. The chances of seeing another woman or man walking down Pike with the same genre of apparel isn’t outlandish; in fact, I’m guessing that Seattleites are going to stick to this theme strongly.

The trick to wearing these nude colors is by having a “pop” of color somewhere in your outfit, which brings me to the second trend. This pop of color is at a risk factor around a 2. With such a low number you might not be as much as an individual because so many people are doing this, but it is a great way to spice up any outfit. Ladies, if your figure is pear-shaped, a great trick is to wear mostly black or nude colors and have a skinny belt in a bight or neon color around your waist. What this does is it emphasizes the smallest part of your frame while giving your style some extra oomph.

Another add-on to watch out for are the masculine watches on women. Not only are they cute and comfortable, but they literally go with any style. As women are proving themselves in society and as an equal to men, fashion styles are taking notice and mirroring this sociological change.

You can pair them with just about anything and make a statement.

Shoes this Spring seem to be a mixture of older styles from years past mixed with new ideas we’ve never seen before. In 2015 we saw cutouts as a standout style for clothing; however, in 2016 it has dropped to our feet. Cutout slingbacks are the new black, and designers from high-end price to your local Forever21 are selling them left and right. This style I’d give a risk factor of 6, merely because it’s important to wear them correctly and keep it simple with what’s on top so the shoes can really shine.

As over-the-knee is slowly fading out, these booties are taking over fast. Putting together a complete ensemble with these is easy as pie. Match them with new sequin leggings, paired with a boyfriend blazer and a layered necklace and you have your complete look effortlessly. From runways to your local streets, these boots are a Spring 2017 trend that you can’t miss.

Zippers, studs and sass are what come to mind with the attitude that follows the “biker chic” look that can be found on almost every street. I find myself walking down Pine and Pike and can’t help but notice the 80’s flashback on most jackets. Although I warn you to use caution with this style, it can give attitude to just about any sundress or jumper paired with some wedges. They say that most styles make it full-circle at some point, and the groupies of Poison and Van Halen are now walking the runway. Overall I’d give this style a risk factor of about 7. Here in Seattle there is a stigma against grunge, and we don’t want to emphasize a flashback of the 90’s, we want to add to it, thus creating a whole new generation.

Prints on prints may make you want to cringe, but if done correctly these two can create magical bliss for the fashion world. Although florals are always expected in the warmer months, take this status quo and spice it up with print on print action. From platform shoes to dresses with a separate jacket, women will be seen rocking multiple styles all at once, and if done correctly, they will be turning heads. Risk factor: 5. Make sure to keep hair and make-up simple if your outfit is already making a statement. This pattern play can be fabulous if done correctly and with thought behind it.

As cliché as it may sound, the nautical look for spring is not only back, but hotter than ever. Guaranteed, every local department store or boutique will carry items that fit into this genre. You don’t need a yacht to rock this look, and women all over Seattle are going to be seen in stripes. Another plus to this “trend” is the fact it has such a high reoccurrence in fashion, making the items you purchase an asset to your closet that can be used for years to come: anchors away!

Although all these trends are likely to be seen and heard about, there is still one that is the biggest risk taker of all here in Seattle: the peek-a-boo sheer clothing. Risk factor: 9. This one is tricky, I would advise wearing a comfortable bra underneath so you don’t have to worry about readjustment as well as making sure you are comfortable with your own body. Confidence is key in this case and if you have it, then let it shine because this trend is fabulous if worn correctly

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  1. I love how you did the risk factor indication. Thanks for all the tips. Totally going to pull off the nude color with a pop of color!

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