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Seen on rappers such as Wale and Juicy J, JQ by Julius Q has been picking up steam as of late. Fixated on the leather wave at the moment, JQ has more than just one of the summer’s hottest trends up their sleeves. In the interview below, he sheds like on how far the creation of the brand has came, future plans, inspirations behind the brand and more. Read the full interview below now.

1. Where did it all start?

It all began about 8 years. Started off with a clothing line called Cheese Wagon which was one of my friends’ clothing line. Cheese Wagon was being pushed into boutiques such as Brooklyn Circus, Vinnie Styles and Pulse. Working with the boutiques, we saw that there were some pieces they were interested in and some that weren’t. Because of this, I went ahead in 2008 and started the Wagon Boutique. The Wagon was around for about five years and then once the lease was up, we decided that we wanted to go in a different direction. We started getting into production and a bit more wholesale. The production side was what inspired me to start my own brand. I actually partnered up with a few brands but JQ by Julius Q was actually the very first brand I started.” – JQ

2. Leather has been one of the biggest trends but also one of the most difficult to execute. How were you able to create such beautiful pieces?

It’s a lot with detailing. I always had an eye. I definitely work with a good team as a lot of times we sit down in the factory for hours and sometimes days. A lot of traveling, going out and being inspired. I’m definitely trying to aim at styles and things that I was really into growing up. It’s a lot of pieces from brands and designers that aren’t made anymore and I try to bring a more futuristic edge to them. Leather is a trend now, it is what it is, but we’re definitely doing a lot more than leather. Leather is what’s catching people’s eyes at the moment. To be honest, I’ve been doing cut and sewn leather pieces with other brands in the past but it didn’t catch a buzz like how leather is now.” – JQ

3. Does the future hold more than leather for you? What exactly has grabbed your attention recently in the fashion world?

” I’m feeling a lot of the new high-end sneakers/footwear. I feel like there’s nothing new really as things are just being done in a more spiced up form. As far as the brand goes, there a lot of interesting things other than leather. We have some things that we’re doing with silk, some reversible jackets. We have some linen pieces and some crazy denim pieces. Of course mixed with some other fabrics. We have some things mixed with fur for the Fall. Of course we are sticking to leather at the moment because it’s in demand but the brand isn’t based solely around that. You know when the trend fades, JQ will still be around. The biggest thing that we try to do is statement pieces.” – JQ

4. When people think about your brand, what’s the first word you’d like to hear when describing it?

The first words I’d like to hear are well-detailed and constructed.” – JQ

5. Midway through 2013, do you feel as if you have accomplished your goals? What are the plans for the rest of the year?

” I definitely feel that we are getting work done and accomplishing our goals. We are getting a lot of awareness and exposure for the brand. We have been getting in a lot of magazines, we are in the current Source magazine right now. The brand has been progressive. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a couple of artists. The brand is currently being sold in Japan as well so it’s going cool for what it’s worth. Even this interview here is more progress and more growth for the brand.” – JQ


6. Where do you see your brand headed in the future? Brands such as En Noir have set a standard for brands of your nature but what do you hope to bring to the table?

” I try not to study other brands. I am abrupt to everything just to be aware. Where do I see the brand going? I see it being picked up by many boutiques. More press, a lot of placement, I’m definitely trying to make it a very notable brand. When people are attending events I want them to know that JQ is the brand to go to. We are definitely going for custom work and we’re just having a lot of fun. A lot of cool, strong pieces coming out. I’m feeling big on jackets and outerwear so you can expect for much more of those in the Fall season.” – JQ

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