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Last time you saw Melanie, she was partaking in our Affair segment but she’s back today with updates on what’s been going on in her life. Gearing up for a very interesting and defining Fall/Winter season, Melanie caught up with us to talk about her brand, where it’s headed, and her goals for the next year. She even goes on to reveal quite a few things. See the full interview below after the jump.

1. Since our Affair interview, what has been new with you and the brand?

” When I did the affair interview with you guys everything was merely a thought, a vision, and now it is a reality. I am working on a brand new fall collection. Every week I buy a new magazine, looking for new inspirations. My inspiration board is bigger than ever and it is so exciting to see my collection grow one more every week!” – Melanie

2. You last spoke about the fashion show that you plan on having in Fall, what preparations have you taken to make sure that things go as plan?

” So many plans are in the works as we speak. I think the most important thing that you have to remember is, time management. Every single day I come home, I work on something new, or I’m perfecting something old. I go over my work, time and time again to make sure there isn’t something missing. My work is very important to me not just how it looks but functionality as well. As far as the business aspect, I’ve been networking, going on business meetings, looking at venues setting up photo shoots, casting models. Time is moving REALLY fast for me so I’m just making sure it doesn’t get ahead of me! Everything is looking very promising though!” – Melanie

3. There’s little that’s known of the collection that you will be presenting at the fashion show. What can you reveal to us? What’s the theme? Do you have a name yet?

” The reason why there is little to be known is because I want the chance to Blow everyone away. If they see garments in the show that they’ve seen already, it’s not memorable. I’m trying to make sure my first show wows everyone. First impression is everything. Unfortunately I can’t talk much about it, but I’ll give you one hint; monochromatic. Either way, hate it or love it, you will remember it!” – Melanie


4. What’s your goals for the collection? What do you see it doing for the development of your brand? Do you feel as if you have something to prove? What are the pressures you are dealing with or that you have placed on yourself?

” My goal for the collection is to succeed and make women happy. When I wear certain designers or certain pieces that I love, it makes me feel good, and my garments are included! Looking good goes hand in hand with your emotions, and that’s what I want my clothing to provide for all women.
I do feel like I have a lot to prove. In this day and age everyone is designing and styling. I need to stray away and show why I’m different, and BETTER. Which is why I go hard everyday!
The pressure I deal with everyday is making sure I put my dreams first. There’s plenty of days where I battle going to the gym instead of working on a dress, going out instead of finishing up a jacket. Oh, and my favorite, sleeping vs. getting work done. But I have to hold on to the vision and understand that it’s work now and play later!” – Melanie

5. By this time next year, what would you have hoped to accomplished? Where will Milané Noir be a year from now?

” This time next year, I am going to have an amazing website. I am going to have investors giving me a helping hand, my client list will go from a few to a few hundred, I am going to have a book full of models, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers etc that I can choose from should a project arise. I am going to have my ready to wear line launched, and ready for purchase from anyone world wide. Now notice I said, “I AM”. It WILL happen, because there’s no room for “can’t”
All of my hard WILL pay off.” – Melanie

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