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What do you design?  

My trademark style combines tailoring and handcrafted elements infused with an adventurous edge and modern fabrications. One of my goals is to create clothing unique enough to be worn through the seasons. I also love to bring together traditionalism and modernism. I design clothing for both men and women.

What does fashion mean to you?
Confidence, Creativity, and Innovation

When did you decide to become a designer?

High school. Deprecating comments from one classmate to another were common practice and created self-esteem issues all around. I longed for a world where people could fall in love with themselves and their distinctive qualities through the exploration of style. There was something missing when I tried fit into a clique or conform to the norm. I used creativity to fulfill a void left by loneliness. I became inspired to sew, put together different looks, and paint on my porch underneath the vast, starry Montana sky. Watercolor fueled my appreciation for color and unique textures.

When did you fall in love with fashion?
Using clothing as a means of expression became important to me at a very early age; my printed dog swimsuit took the place of a comfort blanket or teddy bear. I loved to model my different super-hero under-rue sets on my hot wheel and never wanted to leave the house without my star-shaped Bootsie Collins sunglasses. Fashion was a fun way to celebrate expression and individuality!

What is your design philosophy?
“Shine” I live to captivate the spirit of my fashion clients.

What are your influences?
Texture, color, music, business cycles

What are your biggest personal/professional challenges that you face day to day?
I have persevered through the challenges presented by my professional path (tough in the best of times, potentially crushing during the current economic downturn), making personal sacrifices and putting in countless hours to perfect technique and advance a powerful creative vision.

What has been your biggest professional achievement so far?
Although I have received notice for my work, the greatest reward has been durable self-confidence and patience, and the ability to learn more every day. Design has blessed me with the ability to seek creativity in everything that I do.

How do you see your brand/label developing over the next couple of years?
Modern Classics for Unique Freaks

What are your inspirations, your dreams for your brand/label?
My dream remains to promote self expression, acceptance, and to captivate the spirit of my fashion clients.

What is up next for your brand/line and what can we expect?

Placing an emphasis on tailoring and figure flattering silhouettes’

If you weren’t a designer then what would you be?
A Teacher

Who would you like to thank for your success?
My mother-she is full of love, character, and support.

Why did you decide to start your label/brand here in Seattle?

The landscape and the music of the Northwest inspires me

When you think of Seattle Fashion, what comes to mind? How would you define Seattle’s fashion style?

Passive aggressive

What excites you about the future of Seattle fashion?
A world that wants to be alive and discovered

What would you say are the benefits for Seattlelites of buying from local designers?
Fitted, unique garments that can define your sense of individuality.

What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more men/women wore (specify which)?
For men a fitted blazer, for a women the proper undergarments for the look

If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?
The 1940’s

How would you describe your own personal style? Can you share a few address book recommendations to our readers (hairdressers, tailors, shops… anything you like really)?
My style varies from Modern Classic to Modern Edge.
Net-a-porter is my favorite site for Internet fashion shopping
For Hair I am forever faithful to Will @ Nucleus Salon. Lisa Vann and her Aveda team are also extremely creative and talented as well.
For Manicures and Pedicures I go to Diamond Nails in Lower Queen Anne.
John Fluvog carries the best shoes in Seattle.
I shop World Spice by the market for cooking.
Three of my favorite restaurants for dining out are Ocho (Spanish Tapas) , Brad’s Swing side Café (Italian) , and Tamrid Tree (vietmamese).

What is the one item you never leave the house without (other than a cell phone)?
A Bra

Do you have any advice for anyone entering your field?
Believe in yourself and concentrate on defining your artistic style. Success is developed from hard work and patience.


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