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What do you design?

We do men’s and women’s clothes – up to now it’s been mostly t-shirts with a crewneck sweatshirt, but we’re expanding into hats and looking forward to more customizable pieces or even just accessories to complement the clothing.

Define the word “beauty”

I believe beauty stems from authenticity–especially in fashion. When people wear what they wear as a true extension of themselves, that honestly shines through.

What are your biggest personal/professional challenges that you face day to day?

Being such a small company, dealing with limited resources definitely creates some frustrations but at the end of the day it’s really about believing in yourself and your product and knowing with a little extra work things will turn out like you pictured.

What has been your biggest professional achievement so far?

Bringing the world famous DJ Mick Boogie to Seattle all the way from New York for a club night was a real pleasure. It was great to work with such a high profile figure because it helped us realize how much potential we actually have.

When you think of Seattle Fashion, what comes to mind? How would you define Seattle’s fashion style?

Seattle’s pretty interesting because it feels like we’re the last place to get anything.  Of course, I generalize and probably speak more from a urban/hip hop style perspective, but I just think people here are more comfortable with being comfortable.  We’re all nice people anyways so it’s not like there’s a lot of intense competition in the streets.  As a whole I think Seattle fashion is pretty reserved – not a lot of flash, functional garments due to the fluctuating weather and overall just a very laid back approach to things.  Nobody’s getting dressed up to go buy a bag of groceries.

What exciting things are on the horizon?

PRC has a new Summer line coming out this month that I’m very excited about and we’re doing hats for the first time so that’s a nice step in the right direction for us!

Where does the name ‘Peoples Republic of Clothing’ come from?

We tried all kinds of words, acronyms and such and couldn’t come up with anything that sounded catchy.  We started thinking of something fundamental that tied the (then) three co-owners together.  We all happen to be Chinese-American so someone suggested ‘PRC’, as in ‘Peoples Republic of China’.  From there it was a simple shift to ‘Peoples Republic of Clothing’.  Not as many people know about the political influences as we would have expected, but It’s kind of cool in that there is some historical context as well.  For us, it sounds catchy and there are some personal connections with the name, so I think it fits


  1. feeling it…i like the fact that it doesn’t have the space needle or mountains or anything like so many local brands

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