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To many of us in the fashion industry, Vogue Magazine is the holy grail of our industry. They really are the fashion authority and going in to meet with Anne Vincent, Merchandising and Events Director for Vogue Magazine I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To my delight, Anne is not only very chilled but is soft spoken and has a very friendly and gentle demeanor about her with an underlying air of authority. I came in and in her British accent she immediately commented on how she liked my necklace which instantly put me at ease.

Anne has been working on the fashion industry for 12 year in London and NY. She is here to produce and direct the Front Row Fashion Show presented by Vogue as part of the Bellevue Collection Fashion Week. The show which is taking place this Saturday night at the Hyatt in Bellevue is the biggest attraction for Fashion Week. I am lucky to get 30 minutes of Anne’s time to get a glimpse the preparations for Saturday’s show. She arrived the day before and had spent most of the day going to the mall’s stores to pull the looks for the show. After meeting with me, she was on her way to do a sound and visual check, follow by more store visits, meeting with hair and make-up and more fittings with models.

Here is our interview:

FF: Can you tell us a little bit about The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week and how the collaboration came about?

AV: It started 3 years ago because we wanted to enhance the Bellevue Collection Fashion Week experience. Give an amazing show with Bellevue Collection and Vogue Magazine.

FF: This is your third year coming out here, have you seen any changes in the fashion scene in our area? More interest? Bigger crowds?

AV: It has definitely grown; we had to change the layout of the venue to accommodate the growing crowd. Definitely there has been an added interest. People always dress up, it is Saturday night and it is a big show.

FF: What is your perception of Seattle-area fashion? Has it changed over the years?

AV: I have been coming here for the past 5-6 years for a number of different events and I have always found the women to be extremely stylish and have a high interest in fashion. I have seen more smaller boutiques come up and more interest in independent designers and up and coming designers. Fashion is more accessible now and you can watch the runway shows on the internet 20 minutes after they happen.

FF: What can we expect for the show this Saturday? Is it different from other years? And what is the vibe of the show?

AV: it is split into segments based on trends and the beauty of this show is that everything has been pulled from what is in the stores this week. What you see on the runway, you can purchase immediately.

We have amazing models from LA and Seattle, killer visuals and music, an amazing styling team. We have a variety of different trends for different looks from casual to daywear to formal. Clothing from great designers found at Nordstrom – Abby Ferrin, Cynthia Vincent and Haute Hippie. Clothing from Vince, Ellein Fisher, Anne Taylor, Report Shoes.

The vibe is high energy. We will show wearable clothes with a Vogue twist. Fashionably Fun Fashion!

FF: So who is on your styling team? And do you ever work with Seattle stylists?

AV: Lawrence Zarain. He is just did the Emmy Red Carpet in LA and he is a regular on Regis and Kelly and he is just flying to NYC to interview Vera Wang. He is very accomplished. Lawrence and I have an event on Saturday at the Center Court on the Bellevue Mall at 11am. It is the Fashion Forecast, which will be a sneak peak at the evening show but mostly we will give tips on how to update your wardrobe for the fall. It doesn’t take much, you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, you can just add pieces to your existing wardrobe.

No, we haven’t had the pleasure to work with Seattle stylists.

FF: What are the biggest fall trends in fashion and beauty?

AV: Outerwear, especially for this area. Big parkas in army green color, you can wear them over jeans, dresses, leggings. Textured layering, tweets with wools with leather. 24/7 utility – we are calling it, great cargo pants, jeans, military jackets- resonate well with outdoor community but still stylish. Bags, Talbots has some amazing bags right now, skin bags and great shapes, colorful shoes.

For the show on Saturday, we will either do a really strong eye with nudes lips so that the eyes are really highlighted or we will do a bold red lips, there are many shades from bright red to an almost burgundy, with simple eyes. I haven’t really decided, yet, we will meet with hair and make-up and look at the clothes. In hair, a trend now is pony tails with your own hair wrapped around the pony tail. The other look is slicked/gelled back in the front and left natural/textured on the back.

FF: What is your 1# fashion tip?

AV: My biggest fashion tip is, that before you go shopping, really assess what you have in your closet because without fail, we always gravitate towards the same things and so we buy another black dress or things that we already have. Assess what you have and what you really need. You don’t have to get a new wardrobe; you can add smart accessories, bags, shoes.

FF: Any advice for anyone coming into the fashion industry?

AV: Work really hard with no attitude. Be willing and able to do anything and everything to get the job done. It is a big industry with many areas but you can get the experience, meet the right people and network-very important. My summer intern worked really hard for me all summer and she asked if she could come help me here for this show and I said yes, because she had worked really hard. So she is coming tomorrow from NY.

The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week is happening through Sunday. There are many fun fashion events happening, so check out their website and don’t miss the Vogue Front Row Show!


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